Sunday, 18 August 2013

Reflection 6

Today's lesson was very engaging. We learnt a card trick from Ms Foo and I want to try this out not only with my students but my family as well. I need to go prepare the number flash cards as soon as possible. Once again it helped that my mind was fresh and I had a friend to work with. While she was trying to solve the problem and murmuring to herself I managed to take down notes so we wouldn't forget how we derived at the solution. 

Another interesting activity we had was paper cutting. 

Paper cutting is something I've liked to do when I was younger. I liked folding the origami papers and cutting them to create patterns. After beginning my working life I stopped. It was definitely nice to experience one of my favourite hobbies again. I also realized that I had been creating patterns without realizing it. This has made me realize not to take any knowledge for granted. If I had understood the patterns I had made younger, maybe I would have known the solution to this problem earlier.

I also learnt about differentiated learning. Different levels in learning for the students. Differentiations can be in the content, the process or the product. by differentiation in content, children could be engaged in different concepts. E.g. number bonds or counting. Differentiation in process could be done by engaging in different learning centre activities and differentiation by product could result in different answers from the children. Differentiation is something that I'm quite familiar with but it now helps to know the different ways of differentiating.  

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