Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Reflection 2

Tonight's lesson was all on numbers. Lesson 6 really had me challenged as I tried to figure a two digit number to multiply by a one digit number so I could get an answer. Sounded easy until I realised that I had to create the numbers with only 1 set of number tile.

This was a constraint and it was challenging as I tried to think of multiplication sums that did not required the numbers to be repeated. Managed to come up with a few solutions though. Proud of myself. From a person who hated math to someone who could solve math problems.

The ten frame was also an interesting activity. As a student, it helped me see numbers visually and the questions asked helped to build on my prior knowledge of numbers. For example, counting. I can visualise this as an activity I could conduct with my K1 students to teach them concepts like conservation of numbers and one to one correspondence. 

Looking forward to learning more about math..    

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