Sunday, 18 August 2013

Reflection 5

The lesson began with some activities shown from I tried these activities and found myself glued to the laptop for a while as I tried the interesting activities. I enjoyed the math stories especially "the grapes of math." The sums were not as simple as they seemed when I first tried them. I realized I was too impatient as I did not read the text first. When I realized they actually contained some hints, I used these hints to help me solve the problems. This is one website I would definitely like to try with my students. it was interactive as well as attractive with so much of colours. Definitely a place I would like to go to again and again. 

Tonight's problem on angles was a tough one. I had almost forgotten all the math rules for angles and here I had to refresh them again to solve the problem.

Well after much analyzing, discussion, questions and arguments, we finally managed to solve the problem. Looks like  have to go back to my secondary math textbook to solve a primary 6 math question because I don't remember learning in primary school. Is it really necessary for children to be learning angles at this stage? What's the purpose behind it?  

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