Sunday, 18 August 2013

Reflection 4

We started by doing some problem solving on fractions. Through this activity we came to understand Richard Skemp's theory on instrumental understanding, relational understanding and conventional understanding.  

I enjoy doing anything requires me to do hands on. So lesson 13 and 14 had my uttermost attention because they were hands on. After revising fractions, we had a chance to work on pentominoes. We were asked to create different shapes with a given certain number of tiles. I enjoyed working with my partner to create the different shapes. I guess it helps to have a partner who works together with you and motivates you along the way as compared to working alone.

Could try letting children work in groups. This may enhance their negotiation and social skills.

Lesson 14 was on Georg Pick's theorem. 

This activity was easy once we knew the solution to solve it. To count the number of dots and divide it by 2. But when seeing Pick's formula A=I + b/2 - 1,
I was wondering if the 1 signified the dot that we leave inside the diagram?

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