Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Reflection 1

MATH!!! We were enemies since I started school. We could never get along well with each other and he always was ahead of me in exams. I didn't make an effort to be friends with him until today.  

And I think I made the right choice as I really enjoyed today's lesson. Could have been the way the lesson was conducted. Through concrete materials and hands on lessons as I'm a kinesthetic learner. There were no explanations required with the tangrams. Just the materials on the table and instructions to create triangles. And there we were my classmates and I trying to figure out the different ways to create rectangles with the given pieces. It didn't matter that we made mistakes along the way. There was a lot of discussion and arguments between us but who cared as "I WAS HAVING FUN WITH MATH!!!"

I learnt about the CPA approach of Jerome Bruner.


And also how children learn math:-

1) through exploration
2) role modelling
3) scaffolding

I must say I truly enjoyed tonight's lesson. Looking forward to more tomorrow. Thanks Dr Yeap!!!

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